Wings Empire are owned and independently operated. Our professional chefs, offer first-class finger licking Buffalo Chicken Wings. Bigger, Bolder, Full of Flavor! Wings Empire, features a list of delicious Buffalo Chicken Recipes such as our most popular dish by popular demand. The Buffalo Chicken Fries and our mouth watering Buffalo Chicken Burger and much more.

Be the judge.


Delicious White Meat Chicken in between two hot buns. Yum! Big really Big Chicken pieces. A must try.

Ooohh our mouth watering Buffalo Fries. Fresh white meat chicken in our homemade buffalo sauce.

Yes! Our New Buffalo Chicken Tacos. A unique blend of Mexican Style Buffalo Chicken.

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    Came here on a Tuesday night for dinner. Ordered 20 wings (garlic and medium sauces with the empire hot on the side) and buffalo fries. The wings were great and were thoroughly drenched in the sauces. I wish they gave more carrots and celery though. The loaded fries were also delicious. I would definitely return!

    Samantha H.

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    Tried their butter parmesan traditional wings.. the skin was crispy and the meat is moist, not dry like other places. The buffalo chicken fries was also good. I tried the 'spicy' level. It was pretty good.

    Elena C.

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    I had the 5 piece wings with fries that came with carrots and that meal was very delicious! The lemon pepper wings had such great seasoning and the wings were crispy down to the bone. I also REALLY enjoyed their fries, it wasn't loaded with salt at all, it felt like there was no salt at all; it gave it that healthy, but addicting taste!

    Ash V.